Every security solution should be supported by quality assurance so that clients have ongoing confidence in their safety and protection. Quest Security Solutions achieves its commitment to quality through the implementation of methodical service and maintenance programs created for individual customers to support installed or existing security solutions.
The provision of these services ensures that our relationships with clients extend far beyond the installation of the security solution. Our ongoing service, maintenance and assistance programs are the foundations of the successful and enduring client relationships upon which our business is built, and from which it continues to grow. 


Scheduled Maintenance Programs
Our maintenance programs deliver confidence in function and reliability through scheduled equipment maintenance that involves cleaning, re-focusing, positioning and testing of equipment. Maintenance visits are an opportunity to provide additional client training when necessary, to offer upgrade advice and to assess any changes to the site that may require system modification to maintain the effectiveness of the security solution. Maintenance schedules are created according to client needs and demands, with programs tailored for each client.


24-Hour Availability and Support
In addition to scheduled maintenance, our clients enjoy the full support of the Quest team and access to Quest services around the clock. This includes 24-hour technical assistance with the capability of remote fault location and in most cases, immediate remote fault repair. We provide 24-hour back to base alarm systems and random or on-demand remote access to IP Video data. While these applications provide high deterrent value, 24-hour monitoring substantially supports their operation, giving clients or security personnel immediate access to view or locate the source of a breach or security issue, and ensuring an immediate and appropriate response to such an event.


Business and social environments dictate security challenges. Open building architecture, mobile workforces, converging technologies, evolving legislation, industry compliance and 24x7 operations presented as challenges, are opportunities to enhance security, more attuned for flexibility.

Repeatedly organisations omit addressing security issues that pose risks impacting their day-to-day business, exposures that potentially affect operations, productivity, brand, business relationships, partners and the public trust.

Based on well-developed judgment, our Security Consultants help you optimise physical security investments protecting your assets against increasingly complex security environment and threats by balancing your risk profile and business needs with security spend.

After assessing the risks to your organisation and limitations from existing security measures, an appropriate strategy may be recommended, depending on your needs.

We advise on risk mitigation, managing change and evaluating a return on investment. Additionally, we can provide ongoing system audits to ensure improvements continue to deliver value.

Consultancy Services:

  • Risk and Vulnerability assessments
  • Framework and Strategy
  • Compliance
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Audits and Lifecycle Management
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