Environmental Dust Surveillance

The Client:
IP Surveillance was required at the mine site operations of an open-cut coal mine in NSW spanning several 100 hectares traversed by re-routable roadways used mainly by mining trucks.

The Need:
The organisation needed to ensure compliance with the EPA to prevent high penalties or forced shutdown from dust emissions. The video feed would determine whether the source originated onsite or originated elsewhere by defining day, date and time archive viewing.

The Design: 
To record dust surveillance, cameras with the highest possible resolution of video for daylight hours were sited at key points around each location. Comparison views could then determine the dust's origination. As IP uses little bandwidth, the system operates on the mine's existing IP wireless and mesh network. Heavy duty, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) IP cameras able to operate in high contrasting temperatures and harsh climatic conditions were installed.

The Solution:
Quest's ability to provide solutions for on-site, short term video storage, long term on-line archived storage together with their tailored system design, highest quality hardware selection and professional expertise secured their award of this contract. Using a simple browser interface the system can be fully managed and supervised.

The Result:
Commissioning first took place in December 2011 with roll out across multiple sites. PTZ cameras with Guard Tour configuration capture above horizon viewing capability, ensuring observation and or detection of any possible mine site dust emissions.

Future Expansion:
Multi camera display on large monitors with auto push features enable other sector operators to respond to various events and or resolve issues on site.

Mine site operators requiring further information and assistance with your IP CCTV requirements, please email: sales@questsecuritysolutions.com.au

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