Fuel Logistics

The Client:
As part of upgrade works at several fuel logistics depots, high quality video surveillance systems for security, operations and general remote supervision were required to extend from the North Queensland terminal, to several pipelines right through to several locations in NSW.

The Need:
The cameras were required to monitor conditions within the refineries' environments in order for operators to specifically monitor pumps, valves, correct tanker loading and other production efficiencies.

The Design: 
Pan Tilt Zoom cameras (PTZ) in harsh environment outdoor housings mounted on hinged camera poles operating guard tour surveillance of specific areas supported not only the safety aspect but also help prevent against damage, vandalism and negative activities.

The Solution:
To meet the especially demanding surveillance requirements at the fuel terminal, Quest's custom built camera washer systems with power supplies meet the challenges of maintaining clear viewing with regular lens cleaning. A Video Surveillance solution also allows for remote monitoring from a central control room or simple Internet Explorer browser interface for system management and video supervision. The use of IP surveillance interfaced with process control equipment demonstrates a key strength of the combined physical security solution.

The Result:
Commissioning first took place at the fuel terminal and depots in July 2011 with roll out along several pipelines running from North Queensland to NSW. Pan Tilt Zoom cameras with Guard Tour configuration ensure observation and or detection of any untoward activity as well as maintaining views of regular operations.

Fuel Expansion:
Extension of the SCADA/PLC alarm interface is being evaluated for monitoring of pipeline valves to ensure a high rate of product changeover.

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fuel logistics

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