Randwick City Council – Coogee Beach

The Need:
Randwick City Council participated with the NSW Police in a Crime Safe research program in and around Coogee Beach. The concluding report recognised specific areas that required additional security measures.

The Recommendation:
The police recognised that a video surveillance solution would provide vital information on activities in the highlighted areas.

The Design: 
The design brief was to create video images, both live and recorded, of the areas recommended by the police. The images would need to be recorded locally for maximum image quality while allowing access to live and pre recorded video via a Local Area Network (LAN) and the councils Wide Area Network (WAN).

The Solution:
Quest Security Solutions was awarded the contract based on their system design, hardware selection and the professional expertise to implement such a solution into this complex location.

The Application:
The nominated camera locations are spread throughout the foot paths, parking area and grassed park areas. It was decided to tunnel underground to all the camera locations as there was no existing underground access. The tunnelling was completed in a matter of days with minimal disturbance or risk to the public. A full fibre backbone was installed to allow for a high speed network to be established. The cameras were installed on custom made poles made from marine grade aluminium for ease of servicing and to prevent corrosion.

The Result:
The IP Video Surveillance solution was commissioned in December 2009. Since then it has been reported by council that the system had an immediate positive effect. The system is available to local authorities and council who access the IP video on a regular basis to assist them with their inquiries.

Future Expansion:
Randwick City Council has rolled out the same IP surveillance solution in their Library, Recycling Centre and Community Centre with plans to apply the same solution in all council properties with significant asset value and/or as duty of care for staff, visitors and the public.

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