The Client:
IP surveillance was required at the Open-Cut and Colliery operations of a larger NSW coal mining organisation spanning several 100 hectares traversed by roughly hewn roadways utilised by mining traffic.

The Need:
General surveillance of the organisation is necessary to maintain a safe workplace for staff, contractors and visitors in such a potentially hazardous environment. The organisation saw the need for effective supervision of plant, production equipment, stores, car parks and entry points, which would assist with and prevent unscheduled downtime.

The Recommendation: 
Capitalising on the user interface provided by the dust surveillance solution, operators could benefit from a number of features the management software already had in place. By expanding their camera network and extending across their sites where significant asset value and or duty of care for staff, visitors and contractors applied, the organisation were able to oversee operations in the various sectors.

The Design:
Leveraging on the existing infrastructure installed by Quest Security Solutions for Dust Surveillance additional rugged dome, full body cameras and PTZ cameras were located in and around the mine site.

The Solution:
Quest Security Solutions were entrusted with the supplemental contract based on professional expertise, system design and hardware selection to provide solutions in the harsh and hazardous mining environment.

The Result:
Commissioning first took place in December 2011 with roll out across multiple sites. A variety of specially configured HD cameras for location specific tasks were deployed. Existing analogue cameras are also supported by the system solution.

Future Expansion:
Several sites are evaluating the system solution features where multiple cameras display on large monitors with auto push features, enabling other sector operators response to various events / issues on site.

Site operators requiring further information and assistance with your IP CCTV requirements, please email: sales@questsecuritysolutions.com.au



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