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As a Cisco Authorised Technology Partner (ATP) in Physical Security products, Quest has met the stringent network criteria and requirements of the Cisco ATP program. We have a team of Cisco certified engineers and account managers, with strengths in data networks, storage and software applications.  

This ATP certification provides the customer with the assurance that the Quest team member providing a specific professional service, has been certified to do so by the world's leading data network company.

Cisco Physical Security products are virtually unique in their scope of solutions.

Cisco provide a suite of solutions for comprehensive threat management and detection, extending this to manage events and alarm responses plus dispatch and management of first responders.

Their Video Surveillance Operations Management (VSOM) component includes software and hardware, for surveillance, recording and review of high quality digital video. The system is extremely scalable, offering effective video management from a few cameras, to city-wide surveillance.

The Cisco Physical Assess Management (CPAM) application also includes software and hardware to provide a highly configurable solution to manage and control personnel and vehicular access to buildings and internal areas, securing boundaries internally and externally.

Cisco's IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) provides a management console for dispatch of first responders to any alarm or incident. Providing the means of allowing users of any IP based communications product ie: desk phones, wireless and mobile phones analogue radio handsets, 2-way radios to be interconnected to form talk groups. First responders can share information and images to better react and respond to incidents.


These solutions leverage the existing investment in other business solutions so that a minimum of expenditure is involved to provide Physical Securiy capabilities to existing infrastructure.

  • Although Cisco Collaboration products are not part of Quest's Professional Services, they do form part of the overall Cisco Suite of Solutions which provides added value to the client.

  • The Cisco solutions fall broadly under the range of Cisco's Collaboration Suite of applications With the introduction of Cisco's Unified Computing Systems (UCS) range of servers, a platform is now available that supports multiple small to mid-market business and security applications to provide businesses with a range of products that leverage off each other, and provide multiple benefits from the same product.

  • Master Licence To comply with legislation, all surveillance cameras that can monitor personnel must be installed by an industry licenced Security company, and all Security companies that operate in Australia and New Zealand must hold a Master Security Licence (or equivalent). To qualify for a Master Licence the business must belong to a Recognised Security Organisation. This organisation will monitor the operating techniques and standards of the operator.

For further information and assistance relating to Cisco IP Surveillance solutions, please email: sales@questsecuritysolutions.com.au

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Quest Master Licence Numbers: NSW: Master Licence No. 407447007 • ACT: Master Licence No. 17501943 • VIC: Master Licence No. 784-771-10S
• QLD: Master Licence No. 3413644 • NZ: Master Licence No. 773007 • SA: Master Licence No. ISL236736 • WA: Master Licence No. 40665