Quest Security Solutions Deliver Hyperview Technology Integration
Hyperview grew out of the Security related activities of Quest Security Solutions, which it has been providing over the past 13 years. With the expansion of modern IP based Security Surveillance Systems, industrial applications have been able to benefit from the installation of Security infrastructure to assist in the live monitoring of operational activities.

Operational surveillance requires an increased number of cameras and linking of other non-security related hardware to assist operators in identifying the cause of various operational issues. The demand of industrial applications has resulted in a stronger process engineering capability to incident and alarm handling - hence the creation of Hyperview.


Technology Integration for Automated Emergency Response
Hyperview provides the software solution to provide enhanced and automated response to incidents and alarms related to Operational, SCADA, Occupational Health and Safety, Fire, Environmental, Surveillance and Security systems, in mining environments, fuel logistics, large campus environments and business organisations. 

It receives information from a multitude of non-related systems connected via IP Networks, which involve either configurable management software systems, or have processing hardware which is directly linked to the IP network. With significant incidents such a Fire or dispatch of other Emergency Services, additional Control Room personnel may need to be assigned for further incidents as they occur, and as a result, decrease the efficiency of Control Room Operations. Hyperview relieves the pressure on Control Room staff to concentrate on the critical elements of managing serious incidents.



Hyperview follows a three stage process in the management of alarms and incidents 
To provide comprehensive reporting tools to help analyse the response, verify the appropriate actions were completed and improve response and incident processing for future incidents. 


Incident or Event detection occurs through each main system component's supervisory software, which reports the incident over the client network. The Hyperview Integration & Management system receives the event notification, and applies process and business logic rules to the event, to determine what type of actions to process and prepare communications amongst nominated first responders.


Do your Control Room personnel prefer 14 different subsystems to monitor and search in the event of an incident, or 1 screen that presents relevant information to the operator for each incident? Hyperview allows for graphical maps to display incident information and Command & Control functions, such as to shut down a valve, operate a cooling pump, or even unlock a security door. Surveillance video may be automatically linked to assist the verification process.


Relevant information can be shared within responder groups, also available to the Control Room Operators, but not requiring their actions in order to disseminate the information. Photos, SMS messages live video from Surveillance Cameras or even from iPhone cameras may be shared between various responders to improve response efficiency (a picture is worth a thousand words!).

Incident Response and Operations Management
We provide technical systems to support the recognition and verification of alarms and critical incidents, automate processes that would be implemented in accordance with established business practices, provide personnel alert and annunciation systems, dispatch of responders and facilitate shared communications for each incident.


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