It is illegal to install security applications or monitoring devices in Australia or New Zealand without the relevant licence.

The installation of security systems or applications by technicians or businesses who do not hold a current licence may infringe privacy regulations, security policy or workplace laws.  Information, including images and footage, obtained from illegally installed systems may be rendered invalid by law enforcement agencies and government bodies. 

To guarantee the ethical and legal compliance of your installed security system your supplier must hold the relevant licence in your state.


Quest Security Solutions holds the following Master Licences:

ACT – 17501943
NSW – 407447007
VIC – 784-771-10S
QLD - 3413644
SA – ISL236736
NZ – 773007
WA – 40665

In addition, any Quest team member contracted to work on your security solution is guaranteed trained and licensed to perform the specific role or task for which they are employed.


Further information about the specific legislation for each state, can be accessed via the links below:

Australian Capital Territory
- Security Industry Act 2003 (ACT)
- Security Industry Regulation 2003 (ACT)

New South Wales
- Security Industry Act 1997 (NSW)
- Security Industry Regulation 2007 (NSW)
- Workplace Surveillance Act 2005

Northern Territory
- Private Security Act (NT)
- Private Security (Crowd Controllers) Regulations (NT)
- Private Security (Security Firms) Regulations (NT)
- Private Security (Security Officers) Regulations (NT)

- Security Providers Act 1993 (QLD)
- Security Providers (Crowd Controller Code of Practice) Regulation 2008
- Security Providers (Security Firm Code of Practice) Regulation 2008
- Security Providers (Security Officer - Licensed Premises - Code of Practice) Regulation 2008
- Security Providers Regulation 2008

South Australia
- Security & Investigation Agents Act 1995 (SA)
- Security And Investigation Agents Regulations 1996 (SA)

- Security And Investigations Agents Act 2002 (Tas)
- Security And Investigations Agents Regulations 2005 (Tas)

- Private Security Act 2004 (VIC)
- Private Security Regulations 2005 (VIC)

Western Australia
- Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 (WA)
- Security And Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997 (WA)

Quest Master Licence Numbers: NSW: Master Licence No. 407447007 • ACT: Master Licence No. 17501943 • VIC: Master Licence No. 784-771-10S
• QLD: Master Licence No. 3413644 • NZ: Master Licence No. 773007 • SA: Master Licence No. ISL236736 • WA: Master Licence No. 40665