An in-depth knowledge of products and extensive industry experience enables Quest to implement tailored solutions that meet the requirements and budget of individual clients. We achieve this through meticulous attention to design, methodical planning and informed product selection to deliver the best results in the most cost effective way. 

Quest Security Solutions include System Design and Consulting, Electronic IP Security Applications, Comprehensive Maintenance and Technical Support.


System Design and Consulting
The initial consultation with Quest involves a detailed analysis of security risk and business impact. Your licensed and qualified Quest consultant will conduct multiple interviews with your key personnel, and perform a series of site inspections to build an in-depth knowledge of potential security threats to your organisations. This data forms the basis of your comprehensive security solution.  

We evaluate existing security structures to identify potential weaknesses to be addressed in system design.  Finally, we consider a range of applicable security options selecting from company policies, physical security, manpower and electronic security, to create the most effective combination to provide optimum safety and protection to your staff and assets within your budget.


Comprehensive Maintenance and Technical Support  
Safety and protection can only be delivered from a fully functional and reliable security system.  Quest understands the truth and importance of this statement, and accordingly, the last part of every tailored solution includes the design and implementation of an ongoing service and maintenance agreement with each client. 

Our service to clients extends far beyond the installation period, with regular scheduled maintenance that includes testing, cleaning, positioning and re-assessing of the solution to ensure continued function and reliability.  We also provide 24-hour monitoring and technical service to deliver our clients with confidence in their safety and protection around the clock. 


Extra Services
Quest is also affiliated with various security providers to fulfill additional security needs of clients.  These include manpower services, guards, patrol, and mechanical security services such as boom gates and locks.






Electronic IP Security Applications
The range of options in a security solution is broad, including those that may be considered obvious - door and window locks, safes and gates – as well as those that are considerably unseen; internal policy, secure documents, passwords, access restrictions and so forth. 

All security applications work best in conjunction with other applications. Quest’s electronic security applications incorporate, support and enhance the effectiveness of basic security measures to deliver the maximum protection and minimum risk for your staff, your site and your assets.  Applications include:

  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Alarm Systems
  • Access Control

IP Video Surveillance
IP Video Surveillance is an effective long-term solution to corporate, commercial and public sector security threats. IP Surveillance delivers high-level deterrent value, and, when installed by a licensed technician, the information recorded can assist police and management in the resolution of crime, public liability, workers compensation or insurance claims.

IP Surveillance supports your duty of care to staff and visitors, monitoring their safety at all times and has the added benefit of monitoring large areas from a single location. 24-hour remote access to live and recorded images enables swift action or response if required, as well as evidence to support legal or workplace investigations in the circumstance of an event.  IP Surveillance minimises the cost of other security measures, for example, reducing the need for manpower and security patrols or verifying alarm activation sources to reduce security call-out fees.

Alarm Systems
Back to base alarm systems are an essential security measure for any business. Like IP Video Surveillance, alarms are a proven and cost-effective deterrent for thieves and intruders. Alarm systems are most effective when supported by other security measures such as window and door locks, safes, security gates, and safety monitoring devices. An effective alarm system also supports building access by monitoring movement in or around your site. The back to base systems guarantee active and immediate response to any security breach with instant notification to relevant staff or security personnel.  Where none are available, the system instigates security or police call-out to ensure protection is maintained. 

Access Control
Access control allows management to monitor the access and movement of staff and visitors through a site. Access control reduces costs by limiting the quantity of keys or access cards required by staff, and is useful in managing after-hours access.  Access control can assist in the resolution of security breaches by providing detailed log entry of times and user details.

Importantly, access control provides protection to staff and visitors and supports your duty of care by limiting access to restricted or hazardous areas.  The same protection can be applied to sensitive data, equipment or assets, so clients can be confident in the safety and security of such items.  

Quest Master Licence Numbers: NSW: Master Licence No. 407447007 • ACT: Master Licence No. 17501943 • VIC: Master Licence No. 784-771-10S
• QLD: Master Licence No. 3413644 • NZ: Master Licence No. 773007 • SA: Master Licence No. ISL236736 • WA: Master Licence No. 40665